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Our home wireless broadband packages are currently available in limited areas. Please check the coverage area by typing in your post code in the following search box.

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You are within our coverage area! We always recommend a site survey to be carried out to ensure that the coverage is 100%. One of our agents will contact you to arrange for a site survey appointment. Now, please go ahead and choose one of the available broadband packages.



Unfortunately you are not within our coverage area. This doesn’t mean that we would not be able to provide a service to your area. We are always expanding our network and footprint to make available our services to a wider audience. Please check back again soon.

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Depending on your usage, we have a package availabe for everyone.



£18 / month


Upto 10Mbps download speed
Upto 10Mbps upload speed
100Gb usage allowance

Superfast Max

£25 / month


Upto 60Mbps download speed
Upto 60Mbpsupload speed
250Gb usage allowance

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Hardware & installation
Sub Total £0.00
Monthly Subscription
Sub Total £0.00

Deposit: £25.00

Select your addons


Static IP

£ 5 / month

Gives you greater control and access to your own computer network from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Data

£ 10 / month

This add-on gives you the freedom from caps and restrictions

Wireless Router

£ 45 / one-off

Wireless router allows you to connect mutliple devices wired and wirelessly to the Internet. (cable router only)

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Hardware & installation
Sub Total £0.00
Monthly Subscription
Sub Total £0.00

Deposit: £25.00

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I accept the Terms & Conditions. I understand that I will be entered into a 12 month contract upon successful installation. I understand that a refundable deposit of £25 will be paid now and the remainder of the outstanding balance will be paid on the day of installation.


Your Deposit Payment

This is a refundable deposit which will be refunded to you if we are unable to carry out an installation. The remaining balance on the installation and hardware fee will be paid on the day of successful installation. Your contract will begin from that day for 12 months.



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Awesome. Thank you completing the signup form. Below is just a confirmation of your order. A copy has been sent to your email.

Hardware & installation
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What happens next?

1. You will be contacted to confirm a site survey appointment.

2. Upon successful installation, the remaining balance of the hardware & installation fee will become due on the day together with the first month of service being charged pro-rated. In another word, if the installation happens on the last day of January, you will be charged for one day of the monthly subscription for January. Normal billing resume next month.

3. You will be entered into a 12 month contract upon successfull installation.

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