Low Cost Monthly Packages!
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Unlimited data allowance.
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What is Connexin Wireless Broadband?

We provide a true alternative broadband service in and around Hull. There has always been a lack of choice when it comes to broadband services and we are here to change this!

Everyone is now demanding faster broadband speeds as more and more services move online. Connexin can deliver upto 60Mbps download speed in and around the Hull area.

Rather than traditional broadband which requires a landline. We deliver our super fast broadband services wirelessly. That means, you can get rid of your landline and save around £15 per month every month!

What can you do with it?

Get whatever you need from the Internet much faster than before!

Enjoy streaming movies and music videos online.

Play your favourite online games with your friends and family

We have a package for everyone…




Upto 10Mbps download speed

Upto 10Mbps upload speed

100Gb usage allowance

£150 installation fee & £25 Installation Deposit

£60 wireless router

  • 12 month contract

  • Subject to successful site survey



Upto 60Mbps download speed

Upto 60Mbps upload speed

250Gb usage allowance

£150 Installation Fee & £25 Installation Deposit

£60 wireless router

  • 12 month contract
  • Subject to successful site survey

Check out our awesome add-ons…

Unlimited Data

This add-on gives you the freedom from caps and restrictions so you can download, stream, browse the web and even play online games to your heart’s content without having to worry about hitting your data limit or being charged extra.

 £10.00 / a month

Static IP

A static IP gives you greater control and access to your own computer network from anywhere in the world.
This is great for gaming, hosting your own servers or websites, or access to your CCTV remotely.

 £5.00 / a month