How It Works

Our broadband comes in 2 flavours. Wireless and Fibre.

How Our Wireless Network works

Get connected in days with super fast broadband on one of the UK’s largest wireless networks.

We install a small receiver on your roof, connected wirelessly to one of our nearby transmitters

We have hundreds of transmitter sites that beam high speed broadband to homes.

How Our Fibre Network works

Hyper fast broadband connected straight to your house.

FTTP, fibre to the premise, where the fibre cable connects your house directly to the exchange, offering tremendous performance and speeds.

How we look after the network
24/7 Monitoring
Our NOC team monitors our network 24/7 to identify and resolve issues as quickly as possible
Local Engineering Team
Our team of local engineers visit our customers and key infrastructure throughout the week
Dedicated Support
Our dedicated support team are on hand to support our customers and help them make changes to their equipment.

Why Connexin

Local Support
Hull based support and engineering team at hand
SuperFast Install
Get connected within days with our wireless broadband
Wireless Router
Receive an easy to use wireless router on us
Price Promise
No mid contract price increase guranteed

We are here to help.